First Day Completed - A Prezi for Sum-Up

Friday 22 November 2013 in General

Today's topic of the day was Society - and our onsite and online participants engaged in numerous fruitful discussions about different trends that are evident in our societies.

Check out this Prezi for a summary of our discussions and the main ideas which came out of them:


Keep in mind that it is only the first day of the Congress, and that our ideas are still quite unstructured. This Prezi is going to be our canvas, and we'll be writing our ideas on it as they evolve. Some might even disappear, and new ones might appear. Connections will be visible soon as well - but you are also very welcome to participate in the debates!

Let us know what you think about the ideas which came out of the first day here (in the comment section below), on Facebook and Twitter (@scoutcongress #WSEC).

Remember: Your comments can influence the flow of the discussions! Stay tuned, follow us live and have your voice heard!


Otunba Kayode Animasahun.

Well done Brothers and Sisters. May the guide of the Almighty be with you all . Amen.

Otunba Kayode Animasahun.

Would the papers be made available on line ?

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