Messengers of Peace

Tuesday 17 September 2013 in Impact of Scouting

Messengers of Peace
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Scouts solve conflicts in school by preventing bullying, lead peer education programs, help the poor and the hungry, create solutions to environmental problems, and run countless other service projects. Messengers of Peace is the initiative that brings all of this work together.

"Our aim is to bring up the next generation as useful citizens with a wider outlook than before and thereby to develop goodwill and peace in the world through comradeship and co-operation, in place of the prevailing rivalry between classes, creeds and countries which have done so much inthe past to produce wars and unrest. We regard all men as brothers,
sons of the one Father, among whom happiness can be brought only through the development of mutual tolerance and goodwill – that is through love.”
-- Lord Baden Powell

Scouts around the world have been active promoters of peace for decades. The Gifts for Peace programme has inspired over 10 million Scouts in 110 countries to work for peace in their local communities.

The current initiative, Messengers of Peace, has continued encouraging Scouts around the globe to contribute to building peace in their local communities. From helping those less fortunate to supporting human rights initiatives – their work is priceless. And thanks to the generous support from the Messengers of Peace fund, they are able to make their ideas become reality and implement their projects.

Take a look at for the latest projects from Scouts all around the world!


Vicki Knopke

The messengers of peace fund has enabled us to put a very small team together to plan and create an initiative that was much needed. When Baden Powell talked of comradeship he talked about unity. Scouts can gain strength from this rather than division in personal pride.

Wycliffe mogaka

I am a messanger of peace in our community here at st.johns church pumwani.the youths in this area are doing there best to promote peace.

mohsin masood

i am mohsin am messengers of peace and initiative promotes young men and women as Leaders for Life – in their communities and in their world.thanx

Omar jarju

i am a messenger of peace in the Gambia. here we are embarking on different projects and recently we donated a remote community with 10 cartons of second hand clothing. in all the projects we embarked on, we did not lobby funds from M.O.P which shows that messengers are commited for change and will devote there time and resource for the service of others. the initiation of messengers of peace will change the world in a couple of years.

Chávez Brito

También el Movimiento Scout Mundial, debe manifestarse y alzar su voz para poner alto a toda clase de invasión a otros países, asi como hacer llamados a la paz mundial, la cual se necesita desde hace mucho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lars Kolind

When I was a young Scout, I thought of Scouting as something local. Once a year we met Scouts from other parts of my city, and when I participated in a National Jamboree, I saw Scouts from toher countries in strange uniforms. Messengers of Peace changes this. Now Scouts can share what they are doing with other Scouts around the world, and we can be inspired by each other. Being a Scout has become like being a member of a global network. This makes a huge difference and I am so proud to take part in creating this!

Hezekiel Tfwala

I was once worried about how come Scouts are always doing wonderful jobs every day but they not appreciated but i was then answered the day I head about Scouts as Messengers of Peace. I realised that that its true Scouts are doing great and amazing things in their daily lives but the world does'nt know about it. here comes M.O.Ps, its said "let us share what we do with the World" Wow, what a change, the world is still amazed. am fully behind M.O.Ps forward ever


We all are looking worward to to see the proceedings of Messengers of peace session. We are sure that your work will be revelent to all National associations

I myself experiencing great changes on my vision as following

In coming years most of the activities will be more dependent on social media

Development of information technologies will effect activities a lot

JOTA games will widely effect adnancement programs

To help that along the lines of projects some groups of thamed projects may be encauraged with a timely basıs like Yunga, Scout of the World, Lands of Europe ( please discuss it with Radu Stinghe), TD postcard exchange, GS mascot exchanges but using e-mascots

international Year and day prorgams must be closely focused and JOTI like activities may suggested to national organization

Twilling bilateral activities also must be encauraged

Keep the active grass root lecvel projects go

U. Savas Baran

some projects may be directly given to relevent country news agences It effect and rise the possibility of printing ob national

We can provide the addresses of news agencies in Turkey. So a message mey be given them on

selected posted projects


world wide achievements

project from NSOs.

Umit Savas Baran

Any scout from any country on your fingertips. s/he is waiting your peace messages. A lovely environment which will help to build peace all over the world.

Umit Savas Baran

Messengers of peace hero

Jose Lepervanche

Great initiative to bring meaningful projects to our communities. We need to bring our #scouting experience to other youth groups. (Shared via @ScoutmasterJose Twitter too)

Junior P Almeida

Todos nós que fazemos parte do Escotismo em todo o mundo, devemos colocar em prática todos os nossos aprendizados, a lei escoteira e precicamos desenvolver projetos que promovam a paz em todo o mundo.

Sempre Alerta para Servir!

All of us who are part of Scouting around the world, we must put into practice all our learnings, the law precicamos scout and develop projects that promote peace throughout the world.

Be Prepared to Serve!

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